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W9DXCC 2014 Program

Rick Roderick K5UR - Banquet Speaker

K1JTWe are pleased to have as our Saturday banquet speaker Rick Roderick K5UR. Rick lives north of Little Rock, Arkansas on a 50 acre hilltop QTH. He's been a ham for over 45 years and is a Life Member of the ARRL. Rick has held numerous ARRL volunteer positions continuously for all of those 45 plus years. He has been on the ARRL Board of Directors for 22 years and currently serves as First Vice President. He has served on all standing committees of the ARRL Board of Directors and on numerous other committees and task forces of the Board. He also served on the DX Advisory Committee and was chairman for many years. He was instrumental in the creation and implementation of Logbook of the World and the DXCC Challenge Award. JT65Rick has earned numerous HF and VHF/UHF operating and achievement awards. He is an avid DXer with 370 countries worked, including 318 countries on 160 meters, 351 countries on 80 meters, 353 countries on 40 meters. He holds DXCC on 10 bands and is #7 in the world on the DXCC Challenge Award. Rick holds over 20 different Worked All Zones Awards, and was one of the first to achieve WAZ on 160 meters. On VHF/UHF, he holds many records, including the world distance record for QSO's on 2 meters meteor scatter and 222 MHz tropo. He was one of the first to work all continental 48 states on 2 meters without the use of moonbounce, 47 states in one year. Rick is #2 in the world on 6 meters VUCC and #1 in the world on VUCC for 2 meters, 222 MHz, 432 MHz, and 1296 MHz for non-EME, and received the Fred Fish Memorial Award #3 for having worked all grid squares in the United States on 6 meters.


FT5ZM - Amsterdam Island

A team of 14 operators representing 7 countries activated K0IR FT5ZM in January 2014 andmade nearly 165,000 QSOs. Amsterdam Island was #4 on the list of most-wanted entities world-wide. Ralph Fedor KØIR will share their experience with us. Also on the FT5ZM team were Craig Thompson K9CT and Jerry Rosalius WB9Z, well-known to W9DXCC attendees. You can read about their adventures on the FT5ZM website.


Topband DXpedition Operations - FT5ZM vs K9W Wake Island

Craig Thompson K9CT will compare the 160 meter operations from the DXpeditions to FT5ZM and K9W. Craig Birds was at FT5ZM, and on the K9W team that made over 70,000 QSOs from Wake Island in November 2013. Other 'locals' at K9W were Ralph K9ZO, Jerry WB9Z, and Mike K9NW, with Val NV9L as Chief Pilot Relay. Over 100,000 QSOs were made, and the group honored the "Forgotten 98", a group of civilian contractors who lost their lives on Wake Island on October 7, 1943 during World War II. For more details, visit the K9W website.


DXpeditions and 21st Century Dynamics - K4UEE

T6MOBob Allphin K4UEE knows what it takes financially to support a major DXpedition. Bob was at FT5ZM, and has now participated in, led, or co-led DXpeditions to all of the DXCC top 10 most-wanted. Bob has been on ten major DXpeditions that have made over a million QSOs, and has nine "DXpedition of the Year" plaques hanging on his wall. Bob is an active contester, participating in 38 contest DXpeditions. A member of the CQ DX Hall of Fame, current Chairman of INDEXA, current President of The KP1-5 Project, and former Chairman of the ARRL DX Advisory Committee, Bob is also a member of the VooDoo Contest Group, First Class Operator Club, A-1 Operators Club, and the Southeastern DX Club Hall of Fame.


DXpeditions for the Rest of Us - WI9WIKY7M

Jim Fitzpatrick WI9WI was first licensed 1958 at age 13 and became WI9WI in 1996. Jim's main interest in radio is contesting. He enjoys operating from DX locations, both on mini "suitcase" DXpeditions as well as from PJ2T and J7. Those are nice escapes from Wisconsin winter. Jim also operates mobile in state QSO parties, when he's not bicycling, playing ice hockey, camping or fishing.


Cycle 24 Update, FT5ZM Skewed Paths, Maunder Minimum & More

Cycl3 24Our favorite propagation and solar cycle guru K9LA Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA will update us on the current progress of Cycle 24, with some observations on skewed paths to FT5ZM.

Is the double peak over? Will conditions be as good this Fall as they have been the past few years? Are we about to embark on another Maunder Minimum? Carl will share the latest thinking on what happens next.
(Click on the image at left to see the latest NASA prediction).

Carl has been licensed since 1961, and his interest in propagation goes back to his college days at Purdue. His website contains selected articles about propagation from his monthly propagation contributions to various ham publications. He and XYL Vicky, AA9YL, have operated from numerous DX locations, and have been dedicated QSL checkers at W9DXCC for many years.


The ARRL Lab: Trials, Tribulations, and Tall Tales - W1RFIW1RFI

Ed Hare, W1RFI, is ARRL Laboratory Manager, with expertise in EMC, RF safety, equipment servicing, QRP, HF mobile and many other facets of amateur technology. Ed also represent ham radio on various industry committees and working groups, including IEEE. Ed will reveal some of what transpires behind the scenes in the ARRL lab.



From the Top of My Tower I Can See W9-Land - WØGJ

W0GJFrequent W9DXCC guest Glenn Johnson W0GJ has been a leader and NCDXFparticipant in many DXpeditions (VK0IR, FT5XM, A52A/A52GJ/A51B, VU4AN/VU3RYJ, VU7RG, K5D, and HK0NA, to name a few).

This year Glenn will share some observations from his new QTH in the prairies of northeastern Iowa. And as current VP of the Northern California DX Foundation, he will also update us on the latest activities of NDCXF.



ARRL Roundtable Discussion


* ARRL First VP - Rick Roderick K5UR
* Central Division Director - Dick Isely W9GIG
* Central Division Vice Director - Kermit Carlson W9XA
* DX Advisory Committee - Jim O'Connell W9WU




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