W9DXCC 2013 Program

Dr. Joe Taylor K1JT - Banquet Speaker

K1JTWe are pleased to have as our banquet speaker Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT. Joe is an astrophysicist, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovery of the first binary pulsar, which opened up new possibilities in the study of gravitation. (Pulsars are highly magnetized, rotating neutron stars).

Joe obtained his amateur radio license as a teenager, which led him to the field of radio astronomy. Joe is well known in the field of amateur radio weak signal JT65communication.
He has written several computer programs and communications protocols, including WSJT ("Weak Signal/Joe Taylor"), a software suite that utilizes computer and radio to communicate via non-traditional radio communications methods, such as moonbounce, meteor scatter and other low signal-to-noise ratio paths. It is also useful for extremely long-distance contacts using very low power transmissions. JT65 has become very popular for DX'ing when no other modes are viable.


NH8S - Swain's Island DXpedition 2012

A team of 19 operators activated NH8S on Swain's Island in September of 2012. They made over 105,000 QSOs, enduring temperatures of 125 degrees and other hardships. Sharing that experience with us will be co-leader of the team Craig Thompson K9CT, noted contester and DXpeditioneer, and frequent guest K9CTat W9DXCC.


3D2C - Conway Reef DXpedition 2012

Craig K9CT was also on the 3D2C team that made over 70,000 QSOs from Conway Reef a few weeks after the Swain's Island DXpedition.

Birds(If you're in the neighborhood, you might as well activate another rare entity). While Swain's has 17 human inhabitants, the only denizens of Conway are birds, crabs, and...ticks. We are pleased to have Craig share the highlights of 3D2C with us.



T6MO/K9GY - Contesting and DX'ing in Afghanistan

T6MOEric Hall, T6MO/K9GY, has returned from his two-year duty with the Army in Afghanistan. T6MO QSLEric, a long- time member of SMC, was active in numerous contests during his stay in T6 and provided many of us with a new one while he was there. He will give us the backstory on what it's like to operate in a war zone. Welcome home Eric, and thanks for your service to our country.


20 Years of VooDoo Radio - KY7M

VooDooThe VooDoo Contest Group is a group of US and UK hams dedicated to winning the CQ World Wide CW Contest eachKY7M year. Since 1994, this has been from West Africa - starting with 9G5AA, then TY5A, 5V7A, XT2DX, 5U5Z, TZ5A, 3X5A, 9L5A, 9L5VT, and EL2A in 2011 and 2012. They have won the multi-multi category six times and finished 2nd or 3rd nine times - a remarkable record. But now, after 2 million air-miles and 10,000 African road-miles, they are moving on. Joining us to reprise this extraordinary 20 year period will be VooDude Lee Finkel KY7M.


FT5ZM - Amsterdam Island 2014 Preview

FT5ZMA team of 14 operators representing 7 countries plan to activate FT5ZM in January 2014. Amsterdam Island is high on the list of most-wanted entities world-wide. On the team are (surprise) Craig Thompson K9CT and Jerry Rosalius WB9Z, who is also well-known to W9DXCC attendees. Jerry will share the plans for FT5ZM as they get closer to the DXpedition. In addition to the rigorous Shippermission process, the inaccessibility and logistics required to mount this venture make it a costly undertaking. (It takes 9 days to get there by ship from Australia). The group is still seeking donations. To appreciate the resources required, please visit the FT5ZM website.


Is 3 db Worth a Divorce? - W0GJ

W0GJFrequent W9DXCC guest Glenn Johnson W0GJ has been a leader and participant in many DXpeditions (VK0IR, FT5XM, A52A/A52GJ/A51B, VU4AN/VU3RYJ, VU7RG, K5D, and HK0NA, to name a few).

This year he will present the highlights and lowlights of station construction at his new QTH in the prairies of northeastern Iowa.



An Update on the K9AY Loop:
Lessons Learned and New Ideas- K9AY

IOTA We are pleased to have Gary Breed K9AY as a guest speaker, to bring us up to date on the latest in receiving antenna design. Well-known to hams as the designer of the popular "K9AY Loop" antenna, Gary has more than 30 years experience in engineering design, consulting, technical writing and publishing. His company, AY Technologies, is headquartered in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.

Cycle 24 Update
- K9LA

Cycl3 24Our favorite propagation and solar cycle guru Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA will update us on the current progress of Cycle 24. K9LA

Have we seen the peak? Will conditions be as good this Fall as they have been the past two years?

(Click on the image at left to see the latest NASA prediction)


Sikaiana Atoll (IOTA OC-285)- H44AJ


Mike McGirr K9AJ will report on his operation from remote Sikaiana Atoll in the Solomon Islands.



An update on NCDXF DXpedition funding and activities by Rusty Epps W6OAT.



ARRL Forum


Central Division Director - Dick Isely W9GIG
Division Vice Director - Kermit Carlson W9XA
DX Advisory Committee - Jim O'Connell W9WU




Rent ComState-of-the-art Audio/Visual equipment for the W9DXCC program provided by Ron Steinberg K9IKZ of Rent Com. Thank you Ron!